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Extend IT company focuses mainly on providing expert consulting services for the products of Oracle, Google, Microsoft, Citrix and SugarCRM. We prepared also some product-service packages, which helps with rapid development or simplification of comapny's IT infrastructure.

OTRS (Open Ticket Request-source System) is one of the best open-source helpdesk systems today. Its features are beyond the commercial competitive products of this kind. OTRS is very robust; proposed to control a large number of customer inquiries (more than a thousand a day). Its features include an automatic response to the client, auto-assignment of problem investigator, automatic ticket numbering, reporting and statistics, and other modules such as ITIL-ITSM (IT Service Management, Information Technology Infrastructure Library).

SugarCRM / SuiteCRM is based upon the LAMP stack of Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. It will also run on other platforms that can deliver Apache, MySQL and PHP including as Windows, Solaris and Mac OS X. In addition to MySql, certain editions of the product can be used with other database installations, such as Oracle.

In relation with the General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR ), Extend IT, s.r.o. has developed a special DPO Radar module to support the agenda of the Data Protection Officer on the opensource platform, the OTRS helpdesk-ticketing system .

The GDPR compliance project is very comprehensive and contains a number of components and participants in different roles. In addition, this is a long-term project, as due to the increased rights of data subjects, data controllers need to address their requests systematically and in a timely manner. At the same time, they have to inform the supervisory authorities without delay of cases of data leakage or misuse. Such a large and long-term project can not be implemented in medium and large companies without a robust and flexible system for registering and tracking requests, sub-tasks and incidents.

Extend IT, s.r.o. has certified GDPR experts to help you with the process and data analysis, technical implementation, training and documentation. We are also ready to offer consulting services for your DPO or provide DPO outsourcing by our certified consultants. In the case of more demanding implementation, Extend IT consultants are willing to help with the project implementation. Moreover, if the already extensive capabilities of the OTRS system are not sufficient, Extend IT is able to program additional pieces of customized code using OTRS packages. Extend IT also has extensive experience in integrating OTRS into external systems through APIs, such as applications (SAP, Oracle ERP ...), databases (MySQL, Oracle ...) and more.

DPO Radar uses OTRS features for structured communication and creates environments to quickly implement compliance with GDPR requirements. Thanks to preconfigured GDPR registers and processes, it can significantly shorten the preparatory phase in the form of excel checklists and move quickly to the implementation of GDPR compliance without unnecessary delays. DPO Radar has been designed from the beginning with the idea to provide companies with a fully functional, flexible and affordable product to build a complete ecosystem for the processing of personal data in the sense of GDPR by minimizing the bureaucracy.

The new 90 seconds video describes very briefly the basic features of DPO Radar.

DPO Radar Video: 2 minutes video describing main DPO radar features

Learn more about DPO radar in our product flyer. For more information about or our products and services, please contact us. 

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